we believe in...

the power of dialogue

Every voice deserves to be listened to. Encouraging debate and seeking to understand different points of view increases the likelihood of making good decisions and enhances the group's sense of ownership of decisions.

context-sensitive development

Our neighborhood is a dynamic, living system. The cultural, historic, economic, aesthetic and natural dimensions of Park Slope are the result of centuries of evolution. We support organic development that works in concert with this evolving context.

environmentally responsible development

We encourage sustainable development practices that take advantage of ecologically friendly and energy efficient technology.

pedestrian friendly environment

Walking is the oldest, healthiest, least polluting, and most used form of transportation in the world. We believe that Park Slope is best appreciated on foot, and we want to make sure that our neighborhood is safe, accessible and enjoyable for pedestrians.

small business

Small business owners are the economic backbone of our community. We seek to create and maintain an environment that encourages local investment.

diversity in our community

The cultural, economic and generational diversity of Park Slope is integral to its appeal and resiliency as a neighborhood. We think it will be important to understand the impact that development activities have on neighborhood diversity.