As you may have read, Commerce Bank had planned to build a suburban-style drive-thru branch at 5th Avenue and 1st Street. Faced with a petition from Park Slope Neighbors, however, the bank agreed to come to the table with PSN and other local groups and politicians, listened to the communityís concerns, eliminated the drive-thru and vastly improved their plans.

The Model for Brooklyn Development

Now, a more Park Slope-friendly building will be erected. Borough President Marty Markowitz remarked that ìthis process demonstrated the power of communities working in partnership with businesses,î and stated his hope that this would set a precedent for future development in Brooklyn.

This success would not have been possible without the help of those of you who signed our petition, educated yourselves about the issues, and helped us spread the word. It was a great win for the neighborhood, but we are faced with a development boom in Brooklyn, and not all developers seem to be as interested in heeding the needs and desires of the community.


atlanticyardsmapUnlike the new bank, the Forest City Ratner (FCR) Atlantic Yards proposal fails to reflect the context and character of the adjacent neighborhoods. And though FCR has repeatedly claimed to be heeding community concerns, the proposal outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) issued March 3rd is identical to the plan unveiled more than a year ago.

Brooklyn deserves better.
Brooklyn demands better.

Park Slope Neighbors calls upon our elected officials to ensure that any development at Atlantic Yards is a good fit with its surroundings.

Please sign our petition to make certain that the development process respects:

Our Voice

Park Slopers take great pride in their community. As taxpayers and residents, weíre entitled to a fair, public, democratic, and transparent development process. We demand a voice in shaping Brooklyn's largest development project in over 25 years. Since the project involves public assets, we must be empowered to ensure that those assets are used wisely.

Our Neighborhoods

The arena and 17 high-rise buildings, the tallest of which would loom over the Williamsburg Bank building by 100 feet, would cast a long shadow over revitalized brownstone neighborhoods. PSN is opposed to "super-sizing" historic brownstone Brooklyn. We believe the character and physical attractiveness of the surrounding area is a unique asset that attracts residents, businesses and tourists. We plan to preserve and enhance that asset, and to oppose development practices that threaten it.

Our Streets

If the FCR plan for Atlantic Yards is implemented, Park Slope can look forward to traffic gridlock, increased pollution, more noise, less parking, and the disruption of our pedestrian-friendly environment. Together, we can work to ensure that the character of our streets is preserved, that traffic flow is actually improved, and that transportation alternatives are explored.

Our Homes

Ultimately, the character of a neighborhood depends on the people who inhabit it. We believe that encouraging home ownership is critical to strengthening our community and contributing to Brooklynís vitality. We will fight for affordable housing to ensure that people of all income levels have a chance to participate in the dream of owning a home. We oppose the abuse of eminent domain ó the taking of private property by our government, not for public use, but for private development. This practice violates the public trust, sets a dangerous precedent for future expansion, and will only serve to discourage smart investment.

Our Local Economy

We support development that provides opportunities for local entrepreneurs and small businesses, creates permanent living-wage jobs, and promotes local hiring.

Our Environment

We demand a full accounting of the environmental impacts of any proposed development, and workable mitigation plans for identified problems. Air and noise pollution, runoff and hazardous-material impacts must all be evaluated. The trees, gardens and urban wildlife that thrive in brownstone Brooklyn are features that make this area attractive and unique. This rare asset must be protected, as must our own health and well being.

Join Us

We need your help to ensure a livable future for Park Slope and all our neighboring communities. Sign our petition demanding that our elected officials take action, join our email list, look for upcoming meetings ñ GET INVOLVED!